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June 2023: It's Finally Happening

We are pleased, humbled, and excited to announce that—thanks to contractor availability and a very generous donor—we are now able to begin construction on the Cemetery Lane.

As you know, we’ve always felt strongly that, because death does not keep a schedule, we could not in good conscience open the cemetery or begin selling lots unless burials could actually take place. Once we complete the first 1000-foot segment of the Cemetery Lane this summer, it will finally be possible for people of all abilities to access the burial areas.

We are profoundly grateful for the patience our community has shown as we’ve faced challenges through the pandemic and its aftermath: the unexpected chaos in the supply chain, the many consequences of staffing shortages throughout the economy, the often-messy regulatory process, and the day-to-day struggles we have faced like so many in the past few years. We had originally planned to open last year, and when that deadline slipped some folks understandably worried that we might never open. Today, we can confidently state that we will open in 2023. The contractor has repeatedly assured us they will be able to finish the work this summer, and once construction begins we will be able to share a more definitive date.

Separately, we’re also quite happy to announce the new Vermont Forest Cemetery website: Created by Isabel Knight at The Death Designer, the site will allow us to show more of what makes this place so special, both under the canopy and above it: please don’t miss the aerial panorama on the About Us page.

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