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An ecosystem of support.

This is a nonprofit, all-volunteer-run cemetery: only gravediggers are paid. We depend on tax-deductible contributions in any amount to help us keep prices reasonable and continue making the forest accessible to all.

Our fundraising target for the first year is $100,000:

  • $50,000 for the first quarter-mile of the accessible Cemetery Lane

  • $30,000 for a mini-excavator to help with digging through rock

  • $20,000 for a garage, tools, and signage

We have already raised $50,000, and now we are asking for your support: for you to join the Founders of Vermont Forest Cemetery.


Here are some ways to help if you can give $100 or less:

  • Donate!

    • Thank you. We are incredibly grateful. Every little bit helps.
  • Try "Friendsraising"

    • If you can give $25, can you invite 5 friends to also give $5?
  • Help us spread the word

    • Talk to friends about natural burial and Vermont Forest Cemetery.
    • We are hoping to hold some interesting, educational events this winter.
      If you know of venues that would be willing to host us or to reduce their rate for a space, please let us know!

(above) the old logging road in October 2022

(right) the Cemetery Lane on our first Volunteer Day, September 2023


A unique cemetery

VFC is the first cemetery in Vermont dedicated to natural burial, offering a place for people to gather, honor their dead and the forest, and participate in outdoor art and education.

A unique model for grief

Natural burial is a slower and more gentle process for the mourner, offering the body in service of the needs of the land. The forest itself is transformed into a living memorial so that both the forest and families can heal, grow, and bequeath a vibrant and healthy ecosystem to future generations.

A unique model for conservation

Forest cemetery land is protected from development in perpetuity. Forest burial provides an alternative to conventional practices which contribute to our current climate crisis.

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