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Policies, January 2024

The Board of Directors of Vermont Forest Cemetery, Inc. reserves the right, without notice, to make temporary exceptions, suspensions or modifications in any of these policies, when in their judgment, the same are advisable and such temporary exceptions, suspensions or modification shall in no way be considered as affecting the general application of such policies.


In all matters not specifically covered by these policies, the Board reserves the right to take any action which in its judgment is deemed reasonable. Such action shall be binding upon the Graveholder, on Cemetery visitors and on any and all parties concerned. 


The Board reserves the right at any time to change, alter, repeal, rescind or add to these policies or any part thereof or to adopt any new policy with respect to the Cemetery.


How It Works

Vermont Forest Cemetery Handbook

Interment rights

  • Cost of interment in a full lot at Vermont Forest Cemetery is $2,420:

    • $1,000 for Burial Deed

    • Standard service charge: $1,400 

      • VFC opens grave, mourners help close​

    • $20 to record the Deed with the Town of Roxbury

    • Unattended burial where VFC provides all services: $2,000

    • Attended burial where VFC provides all services: $2,500

    • Half-lot for urns and small pets is $500, plus $500 service charge

    • Weekend surcharge $200

    • Winter surcharge $500

    • Additional tax-deductible donations can be directed to special funds:

      • General Operations Fund 

      • Family Support Fund

  • All costs are non-refundable​​

  • Burial Deeds are transferable

    • Conditions: by bequest or to “immediate family” only 

      • VFC defines “family” as:

        • spouse/partner/civil union

        • adult children

        • siblings

        • exceptions considered on case-by-case basis

    • If interment rights will not be exercised, VFC reserves the right to buy them back at 40% of original purchase price


  • Payment is due in full at time of purchase.


  • Graveholders can opt-in to be co-stewards of Vermont Forest Cemetery. 

  • Activities may include:

    • maintaining trails to gravesites

    • maintaining gravesites themselves

    • participating in work days

    • supporting families with bearing and burial

    • developing programming and projects


  • Markers must be approved by the Cemetery 

    • Any marker must be

      • made of natural materials 

      • less than 100 lbs 

      • no taller than 18 inches above the surrounding landscape

      • no larger than the grave itself

      • able to be placed by hand

      • without a concrete base

    • Markers in areas designated for rewilding must be 

      • made of natural materials and retaining its natural shape

      • less than 40 lbs 

      • no taller than 10 inches above the surrounding landscape

      • no larger than the grave itself

      • able to be placed by hand

      • without a concrete base

    • Veterans and others entitled to government-provided grave markers may use them, provided that they are flat and made of granite.


  • All containers must be made of natural, biodegradable materials.

    • It is strongly encouraged that you include a backboard if you will be using a shroud, and that caskets have handles.

  • Containers made of fungal materials—mushroom suits, living coffins, etc.—are not permitted at Vermont Forest Cemetery.

    • These products are not necessary: they are based on a misunderstanding of the science of decomposition and pose a threat to the living mycelial network of the forest.


  • There are no restrictions on decorations at time of burial, but anything other than the following that remains after the burial will be removed by cemetery staff and returned to the family:

    • Flowers/plantings: Must be native and/or naturalized and in keeping with our regenerative planting policy

    • Biodegradable decorations: anything made of natural materials that will return to the earth; must be contained within the size of the grave.

    • Non-biodegradable objects: Stone cairns less than 10 inches in height are allowed, as are memory stones/wishing stones.

  • All decorations that remain on the gravesite must be natural and unadorned with paint or other materials. No plastic or other synthetic materials. No flags or pinwheels or balloons. No LED lights or battery powered objects. No open flames. 

  • Natural decorations may be collected from the surrounding area at the time of burial. Please do not cut anything--including flowers--without explicit permission from a member of Cemetery staff. Under no circumstances should stones be removed from the rock wall (even if they have they have fallen) or the stone mounds. 


  • The Cemetery is open from dawn to dusk.

  • This is a remote, rustic location and staff is not always present. 

  • Unattended visits are at the guest’s own risk.

  • Guests are urged to exercise caution and common sense with regards to weather. 

  • Guests must sign in upon arrival.  

  • No camping or overnight visits. 

Visitor Guidelines

  • Regardless of why they are visiting, guests are encouraged to be mindful of their impact on the forest and on other humans and to be respectful of their needs.

  • Stay on trails and obey signs

  • Do not climb on or touch the stone mounds

  • Do not remove stones from the rock wall

  • Do not remove material from the cemetery

  • Remove all garbage and waste

  • There are no trash cans at the Cemetery

  • No soliciting

Opening and closing of graves

  • The Cemetery requires at least 3 days advance notice of burial, even if Cemetery staff will not be involved.

    • 4 days notice is required of burials in winter months

  • Volunteers and mourners are reminded that there is limited parking, inconsistent cellular phone service, and that access is via a steep gravel road that may be temporarily impassable in times of winter storms or the period of thaw referred to as "mud season."

Dogs and other companion animals

  • Companion animals are welcome on leash.

  • All animal waste must be removed from the Cemetery: there are no trash cans on site.


  • Parking at Vermont Forest Cemetery is very limited.

  • Plan on carpooling.

  • Parking is prioritized for funeral service.

  • As much as possible, services will be announced in advance with a sign at the cemetery and on our website.

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